Pierogi Makers

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Get ready to experience the delightful world of pierogis with our top picks in the Pierogi Maker roundup! From manual to automatic machines, we’ve gathered a collection of the best pierogi makers on the market, making it easy for you to create authentic and delicious pierogis right at home.

Join us on this mouthwatering journey as we explore the features, benefits, and user experiences of each pierogi maker, helping you choose the perfect one to bring your culinary skills to the next level.

The Top 5 Best Pierogi Makers

  1. Fast & Easy Perogie Maker: Big Pierogi Producer — Hunky Bill’s Big Perogie/Pierogi Maker: Effortlessly make 18 large perogies at a time with this fast, versatile, and easy-to-use Canadian creation, suitable for various recipes and perfect for effortless culinary delight.
  2. Elegant Ravioli Pierogi Maker for Perfectly Shaped Fillo Creations — The chefferie Ravioli Pierogi Maker is a versatile, easy-to-use, and durable appliance that efficiently creates six 3.5-inch crescent-shaped pierogies or ravioli, with soft non-scratch and non-slip feet for added convenience.
  3. Sturdy Aluminum Pierogi Maker for Filling Delights — The Fox Run Pierogi Maker is a versatile and easy-to-use appliance, perfect for making delicious pierogies, pot stickers, and filled pastries, featuring a sturdy aluminum design and able to accommodate up to 6 perogies in one go.
  4. Versatile Magic Dumpling Maker Kit for Empanadas, Momos, and More — Create perfect and versatile dumplings with the Magic Dumpling Maker Kit, perfect for making various types of ravioli, empanadas, momos, gyozas, pot stickers, and more!
  5. USA-made Pierogi Maker — Easy Polish Filling Pockets — Transform your dough into perfectly formed pierogis and raviolis with this versatile and authentic Palmer pierogi maker, crafted in the USA.

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Fast & Easy Perogie Maker: Big Pierogi Producer

Fast & Easy Perogie Maker: Big Pierogi Producer | Image

During my search for a convenient and easy-to-use pierogi maker, I came across Hunky Bill’s Big Perogie / Pierogi Maker, and it did not disappoint. The machine’s sturdy construction and versatile design made it a joy to use, as it not only helped me make delicious perogies but also transformed into a handy tool for creating other treats like ravioli and empanadas.

One of the things that stood out was its effortless operation. Simply rolling out the dough, filling the pockets, and sealing them shut resulted in perfectly formed and evenly sized perogies in a matter of minutes. This innovative pierogi maker truly saved me a lot of time and effort, making it a worthy addition to my kitchen.

There were a couple of minor drawbacks as well. The machine lacked certain features like dishwasher safety and automated settings. Additionally, I faced an issue with one of the components breaking upon arrival, which made the base uneven but luckily did not affect the overall performance or functionality.

In conclusion, Hunky Bill’s Big Perogie / Pierogi Maker provided a convenient and easy way to make delicious perogies and other treats at home. Though it’s not perfect, its affordability and versatility make it a valuable tool to have in any kitchen.

Elegant Ravioli Pierogi Maker for Perfectly Shaped Fillo Creations

Elegant Ravioli Pierogi Maker for Perfectly Shaped Fillo Creations | Image

Imagine coming home after a long day and treating yourself to some delicious, homemade ravioli or pierogies. The Chefferie Ravioli Pierogi Maker simplifies the homemaking process by easily creating six 3.5-inch crescent-shaped treats at once. Its soft non-scratch and non-slip feet keep it stable on the countertop, while its cast aluminum construction ensures durability in the kitchen.

The high temperature range of 200 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit allows for precise cooking, making it a versatile addition to your kitchen appliances. With its compact size and user-friendly design, this ravioli maker is the perfect tool for enhancing your culinary adventures.

Sturdy Aluminum Pierogi Maker for Filling Delights

Sturdy Aluminum Pierogi Maker for Filling Delights | Image

I recently had the pleasure of using the Fox Run Pierogi Maker. It was an absolute breeze to use, with the aluminum construction boasting a silver finish that not only looked great but held up well during my perogi-making session. However, I did find that I needed to experiment a bit with the dough to ensure they didn’t stick together once cooked.

The highlight of this product is definitely its ability to efficiently produce multiple pierogies at once, a game-changer for any pierogi enthusiast. In fact, it took just a few tries for me to create a perfect batch of these tasty dumplings. Despite this, it’s worth mentioning that the design may not be ideal for some, as it doesn’t provide as seamless a release as other options available on the market.

Overall, I had a great experience using the Fox Run Pierogi Maker. Its ease of use, durability, and impressive output made it a worthy addition to my kitchen arsenal. If you’re looking to speed up your pierogi-making process, this might just be the tool for you.

Versatile Magic Dumpling Maker Kit for Empanadas, Momos, and More

Versatile Magic Dumpling Maker Kit for Empanadas, Momos, and More | Image

I recently stumbled upon the Magic Dumpling Maker Kit and was intrigued by its versatility. As someone who enjoys experimenting with various cuisines, this set caught my attention with its wide range of mold options. The kit includes a non-stick silicone baking mat, which makes clean-up a breeze and the bottom of the presses are designed for perfect-sized dough pieces.

Using the Magic Dumpling Maker in my daily life has been a delightful experience. The set comes with a recipe eBook filled with mouthwatering ideas and handy tips on using the presses like a pro. The bonus non-stick pastry mat is a perfect preparation surface for my Jamaican beef patties, pot stickers, and empanada dough.

However, I noticed that the kit is not dishwasher safe, which might be an inconvenience for some users. Additionally, the presses are all manual, which could be a downside for those who prefer the convenience of electric equipment. Nevertheless, I appreciate the strong yet durable construction and the versatility of this Magic Dumpling set that helps me bring out my inner Masterchef.

USA-made Pierogi Maker — Easy Polish Filling Pockets

USA-made Pierogi Maker - Easy Polish Filling Pockets | Image

As a product enthusiast, I recently decided to try my hand at making some delicious pierogies using the Palmer Pierogi Maker. This sturdy little device, made right here in the USA, allowed me to effortlessly mold and shape 6 crescent-shaped pierogies at once, which was perfect for hosting a lively party.

The Palmer Pierogi Maker is straightforward to use, requiring only a bit of creativity and a willingness to play around with the dough. Simply place a sheet of pasta dough over the form, fill the pockets with your choice of filling (whether it’s savory or sweet), and use a rolling pin to seal and cut the pierogi. The sealing process is quite satisfying, and the final result is a uniform, professional-looking creation.

One of the standout features of this pierogi maker is its versatility. It can be used to create not only pierogies but also ravioli, empanadas, and even potstickers, making it a worthwhile investment for anyone interested in creating a variety of stuffed pastas. The fact that it’s made in the USA and built to last is also a big selling point for me.

However, there is one downside to this product, and that is the size of the pierogies it produces. At just 1.75 inches wide, they’re a bit on the small side, which might make them less satisfying for those looking for a heartier, more filling option. Nevertheless, for those interested in creating an array of small, delicate pastries, the Palmer Pierogi Maker is a great choice.

Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to our buyer’s guide for pierogi makers! This section will provide valuable information to help you make an informed decision when purchasing a pierogi maker. From essential features to considerations and general advice, we’ve got you covered.


Essential Features to Look for in a Pierogi Maker

When shopping for a pierogi maker, there are several features you should keep an eye out for. These features will ensure that you get the best product for your needs and preferences. Some of the essential features to consider include the materials used, ease of use, size and capacity, and adjustable settings.

Considerations Before Buying a Pierogi Maker

Before making a purchase, it’s important to think about your specific needs and preferences. Some factors to consider include the type and frequency of use, the materials you prefer for your pierogi dough, and storage options. Additionally, consider the price range and whether you need any accessories or features for your pierogi maker.


General Advice for Using a Pierogi Maker

To maximize your pierogi maker’s potential and enjoy delicious homemade pierogi, follow these general advice. Properly prepare your dough, choose the right filling, and practice your technique. Also, read the manufacturer’s instructions thoroughly, maintain your pierogi maker, and clean it regularly to ensure longevity and optimal performance.

With the information provided in this buyer’s guide, you should be well-equipped to make an informed decision when selecting a pierogi maker. Remember to consider essential features, take your personal preferences into account, and follow general advice for the best results. Happy pierogi-making! 🥙



What is a pierogi maker?

A pierogi maker is a kitchen appliance designed to help you create authentic pierogi dough quickly and easily at home. It typically consists of a round base, a handle, and a set of sturdy dies or plates to form the pierogi shapes. Pierogi makers streamline the dough-making process, making it more manageable and enjoyable.

By using a pierogi maker, you can save time and effort in preparing traditional pierogi dough. This appliance is perfect for those who love making pierogi but don’t have the patience or skill to shape the delicate dough by hand. With a pierogi maker, you can create perfect pierogi every time, ensuring consistent results in your dishes.

What are the benefits of using a pierogi maker?

The primary benefits of using a pierogi maker include saving time and effort, achieving consistent results, and ensuring the freshest pierogi dough possible. As mentioned earlier, a pierogi maker streamlines the dough-making process, allowing you to create perfect pierogi without the need for specialized skills or patience. The appliance also ensures that each pierogi is the same size and shape, resulting in a visually appealing and homogenous dish.

Moreover, a pierogi maker offers greater control over the freshness of your dough, since you can make it right before cooking. This ensures that your pierogi maintain their traditional texture and taste, without the need for preservatives or additives found in store-bought varieties. Additionally, using a pierogi maker can be an excellent way to introduce and celebrate your love of traditional pierogi with family and friends.


How do I clean my pierogi maker?

To clean your pierogi maker, first unplug the appliance from the power source. Allow the pierogi maker to cool down before proceeding with cleaning. Use a soft-bristled brush or a damp cloth to remove any excess dough, dough pieces, or leftover ingredients from the appliance’s dies or plates. Avoid using abrasive materials, as they may scratch the surface of your pierogi maker.

If there is any stubborn residue or stains, you can use a mixture of mild dish soap and warm water to gently clean the areas. Be sure to rinse the dies or plates thoroughly and dry them completely before storing your pierogi maker. Regular cleaning and maintenance of your pierogi maker will help to prolong its lifespan and ensure optimal performance.

What size of pierogi can I make using a pierogi maker?

Pierogi makers come in various sizes and designs, which can influence the size of the pierogi that you can make. Most standard pierogi makers produce pierogi with a diameter of approximately 2–3 inches. However, some manufacturers offer larger or smaller options that cater to personal preferences or specific recipes.

Keep in mind that the size of the pierogi maker is not the only factor determining the size of the pierogi. The thickness of the dough, the filling, and the desired shape also play a role in the final size of the pierogi. Experimenting with different recipes and techniques will help you determine the perfect size and consistency for your pierogi.


Can I use a pierogi maker for anything other than pierogi?

Yes, you can use a pierogi maker for other culinary applications, not just pierogi. While pierogi makers are primarily designed for shaping traditional pierogi dough, their versatile nature allows you to adapt them for baking, frying, or even shaping other types of dough or pastries. Some creative food enthusiasts have used their pierogi makers to make gnocchi, tortellini, empanadas, or even cookies and biscotti.

Experimenting with different doughs and fillings can lead to delicious and unique culinary creations. A pierogi maker can also be useful as a stovetop cooking tool. Some pierogi makers come equipped with steamer attachments, allowing you to steam your pierogi, dumplings, or other fillings without the need for a separate steamer basket. In summary, a pierogi maker is a versatile and fun kitchen gadget that can offer numerous creative possibilities.

Are pierogi makers safe to use?

When used according to the manufacturer’s instructions and with proper care and maintenance, pierogi makers are generally safe to use. Ensure that your pierogi maker is unplugged when not in use, and always store it in a dry area to prevent any damage or injury. Additionally, be sure to follow the safety guidelines provided in the product manual, such as using only the proper cutting tools and not overloading the appliance.

In case of any accidents or malfunctions, it is always best to discontinue use, inspect the appliance for any damage, and, if necessary, contact the manufacturer’s customer support team for assistance or guidance. Remember, the safety of you and your family comes first, and following recommended practices will help ensure a positive and enjoyable cooking experience with your pierogi maker.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.